Established in 2018

Suspension Designer went live in 2018 following over 1 year of software development to get RACE software to a proof of concept stage.  The software development is ongoing in preparation for its full online release in 2019.  In parallel the Suspension Design Library on this website will expand over the coming months into a complete suspension design reference.  It will go hand in hand with RACE software to allow designers to learn and make informed choices about their suspension designs.

Suspension Designer Goal

Having used many of the major proprietary Multibody Simulation (MBS) software packages during my career in the automotive industry, I have seen the power of this software when applied to suspension design.  This software is not readily available to many people interested in suspension design, development and tuning.  The goal of suspensiondesigner.com is to bring MBS software and suspension design knowledge to all suspension designers.

Horsepower looks good in magazines but it is the suspension that makes a car fast – Unknown