RACE Software

Online multibody simulation software for the analysis of suspension performance.

What is RACE?

RACE (Rapid Axle Concept Evolution) is a specialist multibody simulation software for virtual suspension Kinematics and Compliance (K&C) testing.  Simplified vertical, roll, cornering, traction and braking loads are applied to the suspension system and the response of the system to each is recorded.  The simplified inputs allow the force-response interactions of the suspension system to be understood and ultimately tuned.

How it works

RACE requires user inputs in the form of suspension hard points, joint types and wheel & tyre dimensions.  Once complete the user submits the inputs to a dedicated cloud server for analysis.  The server runs the K&C simulation and generates a report to show the performance of the suspension against over 50 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  The report is then uploaded to the user’s account for review.

Development News

Sept 2020: RACE has been launched at www.race.software.  Visit the website to see what it can do.

May 2020: Its been a while since the last development news update.  In short, a lot of exciting developments have happened in the past few months.  We have added new team members and are working hard to get RACE ready for launch

Jun 2019: Secure login and user account development complete

May 2019: User secure login development ongoing

Apr 2019: Developing the secure user login interface for RACE

Mar 2019: RACE server integration continues

Feb 2019: Continuing to integrate the RACE server into the new suspensiondesigner.com website

Jan 2019: New website design to incorporate the RACE server.  To get a first look at what RACE can do, check out the tuning series in the suspension design library

Dec 2018: Development continues but under a new name, sMBS is now RACE (RApid Concept Evolution)

Nov 2018: The server is running, testing is ongoing

Oct 2018: Server & database development continues

Sep 2018: Developing the server & database to support the RACE Beta release

Aug 2018: Working towards the initial beta release.  It is getting there

July 2018: Planning for an online release of the RACE double wishbone suspension model.  Interested in trying out the beta version? Sign up below

June 2018: Suspension KPI report format finalised

May 2018: Post processor development in progress

Apr 2018: Development of results post processing & visualisation tools

Mar 2018: Beta testing complete, enhancements and run time optimisation in progress

Feb 2018: Beta testing ongoing

Jan 2018: RACE Beta release testing started