Key Performance Indicator

KPI – Anti-Properties

May 5, 2019

Any vehicle which is accelerating or braking will experience a longitudinal force at its centre of gravity.  This force will case the vehicle to pitch and is mainly reacted by the suspension springs and dampers.  The layout of the linksRead More

KPI – Contact patch longitudinal compliance

April 7, 2019

Contact patch longitudinal compliance (or its inverse, contact patch longitudinal stiffness) is a metric which measures the deflection of the tyre contact patch to a longitudinal braking force.  The metric is reported in millimetres of suspension deflection per Kilo-Newton ofRead More

KPI – Contact Patch Compliance

March 23, 2019

Contact patch compliance is a metric to understand the level of lateral deformation in a suspension system when subject to a lateral cornering force at the tyre contact patch.  It is measured in millimetres of lateral contact patch deflection perRead More

KPI – Ackermann at 50mm rack travel

March 23, 2019

Ackermann in a suspension system determines how much the the inside and outside wheels steer during cornering.  As a vehicle corners, the inside and outside wheels travel along different paths, with the inside wheel scribing an arc with a smallerRead More

KPI – Lock angle at 50mm rack travel

March 16, 2019

This key performance indicator is a simple metric to help the suspension designer to understand the steering performance of a suspension system from a vehicle manoeuvrability point of view.  The metric reports the wheel toe angle at +50mm and -50mmRead More